Now you might have seen this little guy pop up on the Go!Go!Go! Facebook page. He often posts snaps of himself on his adventures. He does love to get out and about. Maybe you've seen him DJing at family friendly rave, Rave-A-Roo? He loves spinning his favourite tunes at legendary London superclub, Ministry of Sound! But where did Fluffalope come from?


FLUFF 3.001.jpeg


Fluffalope was found by Go!Go!Go! on one of their adventures. He lives with his dear friend, Mr Baffled and enjoys helping (and hindering) him at all times. Fluffalope is very tame and speaks in a strange language made up of some very odd sounds, which the Go!Go!Go! gang understand perfectly!




Fluffalope is a cheeky little creature and has more than his fair share of mischievous moments. He is adored by the whole gang but especially Jade, who loves to cuddle him and give him little socky treats. Yes, he loves to eat socks! He often causes havoc in his search for them. His favourite colour is purple and he is prone to a big burp after eating too many socks! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page to see what Fluffalope is getting up to!

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